Being an informed seller or buyer is key to a successful sale/acquisition process.  The following articles will provide valuable information to you as you prepare for this process.

Planning a Long-Term Exit Strategy

Smart business owners plan ahead. Succession planning or an exit strategy should be a part of every business owner’s portfolio. Whether you are thinking of selling your business during the next year or ten years from now, planning is crucial. Here are things to...

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Issues in a Short-Term Exit Strategy

Are you thinking of selling your business within the next year? Gleaned from our professional experience, here are three areas for you to consider: people, documents and process. Who are the People I Need? The savvy owner will gather a team of professionals to assist...

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Process for Selling a Business

C. G. Reicher Associates provides a methodical, step-wise approach to transferring business ownership. While every transfer process is unique, here is an overview:   Preparation Understanding owner’s objectives and the company’s position in the marketplace....

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Avoiding Hazards When Selling a Business

When selling a business, be aware that the following areas can be hazards to closing a deal: Price The asking price must be fair and reasonable to both sides—the most common reason that a business does not sell is because the price is unreasonable. Think of your...

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7 Common Errors When Selling a Business

When selling a business, entrepreneurs often underestimate the amount of preparation needed for a satisfactory outcome and overestimate the value of the entity. Here are 7 errors to avoid when selling your business: Old or incomplete financial records: You will need...

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Who Are the Buyers?

There are three general categories of buyers in today’s marketplace: the Individual Buyer, the Financial Buyer and the Strategic/Synergistic Buyer. The Individual Buyer: This type of buyer is normally a small business buyer, looking for a business with a value range...

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Confidentiality in the Business Transfer Process

C. G. Reicher Associates understands the absolute necessity of securing information with strict confidentiality. The process of buying or selling a business involves more than compiling facts and involves the reputations of all the parties in the...

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Information a Serious Buyer Needs

Buying a business can be a time-consuming and complex process. A smart buyer knows that gathering and processing information is key to a successful business venture. The Business Plan Creating a Business Plan is the key element for a serious buyer. With the initial...

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Process for Buying a Business

C. G. Reicher Associates provides a step-by-step approach for the acquisition of a business. While every acquisition process is unique, here is an overview:   Buyer Qualification Understanding the buyer’s objectives and buyer requisites. Completion of an...

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