Confidentiality in the Business Transfer Process

C. G. Reicher Associates understands the absolute necessity of securing information with strict confidentiality.

The process of buying or selling a business involves more than compiling facts and figures…it involves the reputations of all the parties in the transaction. We employ thorough procedures within every step of the buy/sell process to ensure that your business information and reputation is safeguarded.

The Seller’s Perspective

We know that developing a solid business can require years of hard work and devotion of the owner. When the time comes for the owner to institute an exit strategy, it is vital that vendors, employees, clients and competitors are not privy to that information until the owner is ready to inform them. Premature leaking of information concerning a pending sale can jeopardize the ongoing success of the business.

The Buyer’s Perspective

Whether an individual, a partnership, a corporation or an investment group, the buyer also requires confidentiality. Public information concerning a pending buy-out could negatively impact their current employment status or business operation.


Our Policy

  • C. G. Reicher Associates requires the filing of a Confidentiality Agreement from every buyer before any information about a listed business is given to the buyer.
  • C. G. Reicher Associates seeks permission from sellers and buyers before using their blind profile (the description of a listing or buyer requirements without identifying characteristics) for any marketing or website placement.
  • C. G. Reicher Associates does not discuss or disclose past, pending or future transactions with any individual or agency without prior written permission.

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