Process for Buying a Business

C. G. Reicher Associates provides a step-by-step approach for the acquisition of a business. While every acquisition process is unique, here is an overview:


Buyer Qualification

  • Understanding the buyer’s objectives and buyer requisites.
  • Completion of an individual or corporate financial statement and a Buyer’s Personal Profile


  • Develop search methodology with buyer, targeting segments of the industry or specific companies as desired.
  • If desired, actively search for potential target companies.

Reviewing Potential Businesses

  • Completion of Buyer’s Confidentiality and Warranty Agreement.
  • Secure and present Confidential Memorandum or marketing packages from a selected business(es) for buyer review.
  • Pre-qualify buyer for appropriate financing.


  • Meet business owner and tour site.
  • Facilitate the negotiation process.
  • Assist buyer in preparing the Letter of Intent.
  • Facilitate the fine-tuning of the Letter of Intent between buyer and seller.
  • Connect buyer with attorney: create Purchase Agreement
  • Buyer arranges financing as needed.
  • Facilitate final negotiations on Purchase Agreement between buyer and seller
  • Execution of Purchase Agreement

Due Diligence

  • Buyer completes Due Diligence and all outstanding issues.
  • Buyer financing is finalized
  • Set closing date.
  • Review closing documents.


  • Sign Definitive Agreement (and corollary documents) necessary for closing.
  • Complete post-closing details between seller and buyer as needed.

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